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Starting at $100.00 per day to lease a POEC LESSON horse for a show if you do not own or already lease a horse.
Trainer fees:
$65.00 per day for schooling/coaching/day fee for trainer.

$100 if less than 3 people attending show.

Hotel for trainer split divided by the number of riders.

$30.00 per day for Day care for horse at show includes stall being cleaned

$15.00 per day for feeding, watering and Haying only at the show, rider cleans stall.

$50.00 set up/break down fee split by number of riders at show.

$45.00 per ride/Division/training ride at the show if horse/pony needs profession rides.

$10 Admin fee for entries per rider.

Any transportation provided by Pleasant Oaks Equestrian Center must be paid in full before services are rendered.

Minimum fee of $45.00 with in 15 miles of POEC

$2.00 per mile for less than 2 horses.

$1.15 per mile if 3 or more horses.

  • Fuzzy ponies, giant horses $200
  • A basic clipp: $175
  • Trace clip: $150
  • Face and leg clean up: $75
Bathing: $25

Wrapping : $10

Hand Walking:$15

Blanketing per month: $30

Fan per month: $10

After hours medical care: $15 an hour

Sedation: $5 per cc

Daily grooming: $150 per month

Training rides: $45 per ride on property

Training ride package of 5: $200

Training ride package of 8: $320

Grooming for lessons: $25 
Leasing With Pleasant Oaks Equestrian Center ​​​​
Having a horse gives the rider the best opportunity for improvement, opportunity, success, character growth, and many lifelong skills. When you have a horse or pony it becomes easier to access saddle time and no time in the saddle is wasted time for an improving rider. It is our job to help pair riders with the best possible match for their goals and individual needs. With our large network and on property horses, it is always an enjoyable experience to find your perfect horse or pony. Whether you are looking for a top quality investment horse or the first intro lease pony for your child, we will guide you through the entire process. 

      When you move often, are inbetween riding levels, or first time horse owners; a lease can be appealing. The benefit of leasing  can be the flexible options to allow your family to become familiar with having a horse or pony. It also can be a simple way to get the  rider advancing in riding levels or show division before a more permanent commitment. Planning horse shows and lessons becomes easier and cost efficient . When leasing you have the option to Half  lease or Full lease. When leasing, MOST  horses require the lease fee to be paid in full for the lease period. Typical lease periods range from 6-12 months. SELECT  on property horses have an option to pay lease fee monthly. When leasing a horse or pony you are responsible for the following: 

A budget must be given to POEC for yearly lease expense, as prices for different horses varry. We can shop for any budget and skill set.    

Full Lease: All prices are “starting at” and subject to change based on each horse.
  • Lease fee to “LEASOR” either monthly or yearly = Subject to budget and Leasor.

  • Board, feed, shavings, and hay to “POEC” =  
    • Pasture board $ 350 + feed/hay
    • Full board $500 + feed/hay 
    • Full board with a package of 8 group lessons $870 + feed/hay

  • Access to horse or pony, arena, and facility amenities during farm hours. Lesson scheduling at ease. No jumping outside of lessons. 

  • Reduced lesson rate= 
    • Group $50
    • ½ hour private $50
    • 1 hour private $60
    • See lesson price list for packages.

  • Farrier every 5 weeks = “starting at” 
    • Trim: $50 depending on farrier.
    • Front shoes: $100-$150 depending on farrier and if the horse requires special shoes. 
    • Full set $175+ depending on what kind of shoes horse or pony needs and farrier.
    • Some horses require sedation for the farrier. 

  • Dental once yearly = Starting at $175 subject to change based on vet/dentist.

  • Insurance = Depends on value price of horse/pony. Billed quarterly typically.

  • Transportation to and from lease = Subjective to distance typically $1.50-$2.00 a mile when using shipper.

  • Any show or training bills acquired while leasing pony = $45 training rides when/ if needed. Show bill subject to venue. 

  • Dewormer every 3-6 months = $60

  • Any maintenance horse or pony requires to remain comfortable while doing its job= 
    • This can be a monthly supplement or injections that are typically done 6-12 months 
    • If the horse acquires any vet care it is the lessee's responsibility. We strongly suggest always having any horse insured.  

    • Transportation to and from shows = $1.15 if 3 or more horses go to show. $2.00 if under 3. $45 flat rate within 15 miles.

      Half Lease:
    • Expenses will be split on horse or pony with either the barn or another rider.
    • Lessee will only have access to horses of a select number of scheduled days.
    •  When shopping for a half lease, unless another rider is looking for a similar horse you will be limited to on property horses.
    •  Leasee will have access to horse or pony at shows and may have to share with the other leasee at the shows. All show expenses with the exception of your classes will be split when showing the same weekend as the other half of your lease. When you show without your other half, you are responsible for the full amount of the show bill. Trainer fees are not split with the exception of training rides and shipping. Horse or pony will have a limited number of classes with each rider.
    • Discounted lesson rates:
      • See list above or lesson price sheet for the full list.
    • The following expenses are slip when half leasing ( please look above for the price break down):
      • ½ Lease fee
      • ½ Board +feed/hay
      • ½ Dental 
      • ½ Insurance 
      • ½ Maintenance
        • ½ Transportation to lease  
        • ½ Transportation to and from shows unless showing without the other half of the lease.
        • ½ Dewormer 
        • ½ Any training the horse or pony requires ( all horses need professional schooling rides on a need basis) 
        • ½ Any monthly supplements.  

          Above we hope to provide the information needed to clearly make a decision as to what makes the most sense for your unique situation. At Pleasant Oaks, we believe that every rider should have the opportunity and be given the skill set to succeed to their full potential. We know with years of experience, that success starts with the correct equine partner. It is our job to ensure that each horse and rider are paired appropriately. We also believe that the sport should remain accessible to all riders as it constantly evolves and changes. The opportunity for riders on an NCAA level as well as on circuit is rapidly increasing. We hope to provide each rider and horse with the skill set to compete locally, nationally, and internationally.
          Please reach out via Email at
          Or call/text
          Jennifer Mastronardi
          Taylor Beasley

          If you have any questions we are available. We look forward to helping you find the perfect match.

  • 308 Newell Road, Byron, GA, USA

BROKEN DOWN: $500 +Feed & Hay
  • 12x12 Matted stall 
  • 3 bags of shavings per week 
  • Feeding 2x daily 
  • Daily turn out 
  • Stall cleaning 
  • Fresh Water Daily 
  • Fan in summer-$10 per month
  • Blanket in winter- $30 per month
  • Minor wound care 
  • Scheduling Vet, Farrier, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, and saddle fittings.
  • Daily Handling
  • Professional on property at all times.  

BROKEN DOWN: $1,300 + Feed& Hay
  • 12x12 Matted stall 
  • 3 bags of shavings per week 
  • Feeding 2x daily 
  • Daily turn out 
  • Stall cleaning 
  • Fresh Water Daily 
  • Fan in summer-$10 per month
  • Blanket in winter- $30 per month
  • Minor wound care 
  • Scheduling Vet, Farrier, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, and saddle fittings.
  • Daily Handling and Grooming
  • Professional on property at all times.  
  • Weekly rides by a professional and a customized training plan.
  • Quality videos and marketing 
  • Full show schedule 

Consignment Board- $700+Feed and Hay + commission 
  • 12x12 Matted stall 
  • 3 bags of shavings per week 
  • Feeding 2x daily 
  • Daily turn out 
  • Stall cleaning 
  • Fresh Water Daily 
  • Fan in summer-$10 per month
  • Blanket in winter- $30 per month
  • Minor wound care 
  • Scheduling Vet, Farrier, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, and saddle fittings.
  • Daily Handling and grooming
  • Professional on property at all times.  
  • Professional rides weekly and customized training program.
  • Professional and Junior rides available at shows.
  • Top Quality sales vides and Marketing
Pasture Board: $350 + Feed & Hay
  • Quality turn out in a large field.
  • Mare or gelding groups.
  • Feed, Hay, fresh water, 2x daily.
  • Onsite professional at all times.
  • Minor wound care.
  • Blanketing- $30 monthly

       Jennifer Mastronardi our head trainer has designed a program to fit every equine need. With  over 30 years of experience operating top quality facilities from training high end race horses, to medal final horses,derby, Pony Finals top competitors  and FEI level jumpers there isn’t a task she isn't prepared for. Growing up in South Florida, Jennifer trained under some of the top athletes in the country. With an expertise in young stock and rider development, Jennifer is going to ensure success. Jennifer has sent numerous riders on to be professionals and collegiate athletes. Her instruction has proven to be invaluable to the success of many horse and rider combinations. Her clients feel at home and she always leads a wonderful barn family. Whether you are looking to learn how to ride or already have an education there isn't a better program locally to develop your talent. Jennifer has also been referred to as “the matchmaker” when shopping for the perfect horse for each client. With years of producing top results, Jennifer knows what it takes to produce success. She has extensive experience producing horses from the ground up. As her top priority is advocating for the equine, Jennifer horses that need extra time being fine tuned or a problem horse. She pushes both horse and rider to the best of their ability. Jennifer is a firm believer that good foundations make for good athletes.  

Taylor, with her strong background in the Equitation and Hunter ring, brings a competitive edge to the program. Spending years fine tuning and developing her riding and training ability, Taylor has led countless horse and rider combinations to success. As a junior rider Taylor spent years soaking up every ounce of knowledge from top breeding and show barns. The time spent under Jennifer Mastronardi and numerous programs has led Taylor to be a well prepared young professional. Taylor specializes in sales and young horse development. Taylor runs a tight ship keeping everyone organized and at the top of their competitive ability. Working close with each horse and rider combination, Taylor puts together a program that works best for the success of both athletes. With years as a junior rider competing in the pony hunter divisions, Taylor now spends a good amount of time developing pony investments for clients. Having this background and ability to ride the small ponies, our young riders are set up for success! Her kind teaching methods and ability to keep it comprehensive makes lessons at POEC an incredible experience. Both Jennifer and Taylor run a healthy program putting the needs of the horse above everything, while also listening to the rider. The success of both horse and rider is a top priority at POEC.

We believe in safety above all else and treat our horse/riders like a fine wine. All good things take time to develop and we do not believe in rushing. At POEC we prioritize the success of our horses and riders, but more than anything a safe riding experience. We enforce a drama free barn setting where everyone is

At Pleasant Oaks, we offer a large variety of services.
  • We have two full time highly qualified riding instructors on staff, as well as guest instructors for beginner lessons. Structured Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation lessons for riders of all levels. We offer lessons on a reliable group of school horses up and have an a flexible schedule for clients with their own horses. 
  • Training and schooling rides available 6 days a week for horses and ponies. Both of our trainers are sized to ride equine of any size and have experience producing top sport horses from the ground up. 
  • A full competitive show schedule of GHJA and USEF rated shows.
  • Rehabilitation care as well as handling any shipping to vets office. 
  • Summer camp as well as annual day camps.
  • Clinics 
  • Young horse development.
  • Importing investment horses.
  • Sales and leases.
  • Active consignment program 
We DO NOT offer  trail rides, casual group lessons to riders with no experience, or rent the horses for the day. 
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  • 308 Newell Road, Byron, GA, USA